UC browser for PC | Mobile best browser at your PC

When we come to Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian to Java any smartphone mobile browser, only one name come after Google Chrome and opera is UC browser. UC browser is best in its class at Smartphone industries and now its the time when US browser announced it PC version.

Caution: Don’t download UC browser from anywhere else, your PC antivirus will be mad cause of lots of phishing websites are keeping an eye over your downloads. Just visit http://www.ucweb.com/ucbrowser/download/ and click on PC windows.1

After installing, we found a new style and great UI for the same. UC browser is best for UI lover and customization.


You may choose best UI, either chrome style or new style of UC broswer.


UC browser comes with tonnes of options like resume download, themes etc.

End point: In the end, you may see the best UI and customized Mobile browser in your PC right away. Just download and experience the same.


2 thoughts on “UC browser for PC | Mobile best browser at your PC

  1. I have this browser on my tablet. Thanks for this info. On my tablet, UC Browser works really well 95% of the time. Sometimes it will only open and not take you to the URL you want, which is very strange. Probably a bug.

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