Google Handwriting Input App

A new keyboard has been revealed by Google for Android – one that’s not really a keyboard at all. This app is the “Google Handwriting Input” interface, and with it, you’ll be able to write to your heart’s content with your fingers or pen. Inside you’ll find a very simple interface, one where you write words with your finger (or your pen-like device) and let Google figure out what you’ve written. Suggestions appear above the space you write. Simple as that. But what might this app be made for, in the long run? Surely not just smartphones and tablet

This app is made for all Android devices, big and small. At this time it appears to work with most every Android smartphone and tablet we’ve got on hand, just so long as it was released in the past several years.

For now have a peek at the Google Handwriting Input app on the Google Play app store at will. It’s free, of course, and will more than likely work with your device so long as it’s running Android.



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