Apple Buys LinX, A Camera Module Maker

Apple has acquired LinX, an Israeli camera tech company whose most recent offerings include multi-aperture camera models which can enable effects like background focus blur, parallax images and 3D picture capture.

According to the sources The LinX acquisition was valued at around $20 million .The Israeli startup’s hardware was targeted at tablets and smartphones specifically, and could not only offer the kinds of background defocus that’s popular on low aperture lenses paired with DSLRs, but could also help achieve better low-light performance, ideal for taking pictures indoors or at night without using flash.

Apple’s plans could also include putting the tech to use in its notebooks, replacing those camera modules with better performing parts while respecting size constraints. This could be very handy in building devices like the MacBook, for instance, while retaining better picture quality. They could also potentially help push image quality while helping slim down camera design.

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