Hugo Barra of Xiaomi explains why SD cards will disappear in Future

Majority of Android smartphones do support expandable storage via microSD card slots; though Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s VP Global, believes that it adversely affects the performance of the handset and says this SD cards will disapapear. He explained why  Xiaomi is against using the microSD in all its high-end deviceshis company is against the use of microSD card slots in its high-end devices.

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He claimed that microSD cards are vulnerable to failure and in most cases malfunction in various conditions. Pointing out that counterfeit SD cards are quite common, he added they are usually of “extremely poor quality” and slow as well. Barra says some of the issues caused by microSD cards reported by Android smartphones users are app crashing and loss of data. “It’s going to be a while before you finally accept that maybe the reason why it’s not performing is because you put in an SD card, right? You’re gonna blame the phone, you’re gonna blame the manufacturer, you’re gonna shout and scream and try to get it fixed, so many different ways until you say, ‘Actually, let me just take the SD card out and see what happens,'” Barra added.

Xiaomi’s mid to high-end segment smartphones have mostly given a miss to microSD card slots. In the company’s current lineup, only the Redmi-series include SD card slots.



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