Android M is expected to bring more privacy

Google’s ‘Android M’ is answering the call for more privacy by giving its users more say in the information that applications can access.

Google I/O 2015, will help users pick and choose what information is shared with certain applications, including photos, contacts, and location. This is an evolution in Google’s walk to bring more privacy and peace of mind to its users.


Apple’s iOS is far ahead on this matter and Google is under more pressure from Apple than ever, as Android’s mobile market share is waning in certain parts of the world while Apple’s is rising. The added pressure from its Cupertino competitor, and an ever-increasing outcry for transparency in the internet age, are both likely feeding into Google’s privacy-centric changes.

The specifics on the amount of control ‘Android M’ will offer are still unknown, but we expect to learn all about it at Google’s aforementioned developer conference in San Francisco, Calif. later this month. While Google may be playing catch-up with its privacy controls, application access control will be music to Android users’ ears.



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