Up to 464 GB storage|Wireless HD beaming|Harman/Kardon sound|21 MP OIS Camera|Dual sim|Waterproof

Sky has no Limits. Our Imagination has no limits. Even our thoughts have no limits then why do we have limits in our best buddy we carry with us..?? Yeah, I am talking about Smartphones.

Phone has Prefixed “Smart” first but they aren’t at those level though. Are we still on that stage when we need to carry that bulky phone with Digital camera to capture best picture.?

Answer is “YES”. We are still having those bulky phone ( Can’t say, but now users are choosing 5.5″ to 10″ Phablets/tablets) for their daily or so called, day to day work.

As I said, Limitation is blockage in the path of Imagination. But here is a software company, who has thought beyond that limitation. Though, it also has few but still better than those sinking tanks we are having now a days in our hands.

What if I say, a Smartphone running Android latest version with 464GB Storage (64GB internal and 400 GB Expandable in 2 slots), 21MP OIS camera with 4K video capturing ability, 13MP front camera to take best in class Selfies, Sound with extra features (Yes, Harman/Kardon Sound), and finally for the Toilet hunters – Water proof.

Those all gonna true if a potential software company wants. Phone Named, Saygus V SQUARED, has those tremendous features, which i shown above. Not believing me..?? Here is the proof, watch this below video and do let us know.

Few more details or fetaures are as under:

Nearly half a Terabyte of Storage

Company has engineered the V SQUARED with the highest-end components and materials. Beginning with Qualcomm’s 2.5 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon Processor sporting 64 GB of on-board flash storage and dual Micro SD card slots that add another 400 GB of expandable storage. That’s 464 GB of storage right in your hand! What will you do with all that space?


It is supported by latest Android OS i.e. 5.1.x in initial stages.


Everyone hates it when they get their phone wet and you lose everything on your device.  For this reason we have designed the V SQUARED with circuit-board level IPX7 waterproofing that keeps your phone safe under 1′ of water for 30 minutes. Go ahead, have a little fun with your V SQUARED!

Picture Perfect

Life is about sharing. Share experiences through pictures that engage the senses. The V SQUARED brings to you the very best with its 21 MP OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), auto-focus rear camera.  Oh, and did we mention that it’s capable of shooting 4k video? Because it does. Well if that wasn’t enough we didn’t stop there, the front facing 13 MP auto-focus camera with OIS allows you to take your selfie game to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Take your best shot!

Listen to this…

We teamed up with Harman Kardon to bring the V SQUARED a 3D audio experience.  Whether you are listening to your favorite songs and/or watching movies and playing games the sound from the V SQUARED is meant to impress. Harman Kardon’s 3D movie viewing audio is particularly stunning as it captivates your listening senses and convinces your mind that you are in a high-fidelity movie theatre. You could get used to that couldn’t you?

Go Big. Lag Free.

The creators of HDMI have teamed up with Saygus to bring you wireless HD beaming.  What is that you may ask?  This new technology lets the user send HD video wirelessly to any monitor or TV through a 60 Ghz dongle. Providing individuals and businesses with a new wireless viewing and presenting experience in wireless HD, the first of its kind. And because it’s 100% lag free, you can take your gaming to the big screen with confidence.

And the list goes on:

10 more features and technologies new to the market

• World Phone: GSM/CDMA/LTE

• 3100 mAh Amprius Removable Battery

• Side Fingerprint Scanner Technology

• Sunlight Viewable Arctic Link lll

• Edge-to-Edge Borderless Screen Lens – 5” 1080p FHD Display

• Advanced Power Saving Chipset for 50% Improved Battery Life

• Wireless Inductive Power Charging (Qi)

• Noise Canceling Cypher Sound Technology

• Fractal Antenna Technology

• Armored Online Mobile Security

What is the Saygus V SQUARED?

The Saygus V SQUARED is a massive disruptor in the smartphone industry. We are bringing you the world’s first no-compromise smartphone. Boasting 15 exclusive features and technologies new to the market in one device. The V SQUARED features technology such as lag free wireless HD beaming, which allows you to wirelessly stream any content from your phone to any HDTV.  The V SQUARED has up to 464GB of localized storage, waterproof technology and much more. These innovations have already garnered the attention of many: