Hugo Barra of Xiaomi defends against Apple-copycat accusations

Speaking to Bloomberg on Thursday Barra said all of the copycat claims come from a single iPhone 5-style chamfered edge on a Xiaomi device. “So this whole copycat melodrama all boils down to one chamfered edge on one particular phone model which was Mi 4, which people said looked like the iPhone 5,” Barra said in reference to Jony Ive’s comments that Xiaomi had stolen his and Apple’s design. “And I’ve been the first one to admit it: Yes it does look like the iPhone 5, and that chamfered edge by the way is present in so many other devices.”


Barra said he feels that the criticism Xiaomi has received has largely because of a projected bias against Chinese companies. “People just couldn’t bring themselves to believe that a Chinese company actually could be a world innovator, could build amazingly high quality products, and by the way sell them at half the price of a high-end Apple or Samsung device.”

Source: HT